Outdoor Advertising Malaysia Cost

Outdoor Advertising Malaysia Cost

About Outdoor Advertising Malaysia

Outdoor advertising is a form of advertising which takes place outdoors, on street furniture such as lamp posts, railings, bus stops, etc. Outdoor advertising can also take place in other public places with the use of billboards.

The outdoor medium is very effective for building brands and it has been used since ancient times. In fact, outdoor advertising can be traced back to the Egyptians who used papyrus scrolls and wall paintings to advertise their businesses.

The outdoor medium allows advertisers to reach a large number of people in a short period of time and at a relatively low cost compared to other forms of media such as print and television.

Outdoor Advertising Malaysia – Who’s Using It?

Highly competitive and fragmented marketplace in Malaysia with high levels of choice for consumers. This has led to a highly competitive environment for advertisers, who are still investing heavily in outdoor advertising.

Outdoor advertising is predominately used by the automotive industry such as Ford, Honda, and Nissan who use roadside billboards and bus shelter posters to promote their products. Alcohol, confectionery, and telecoms companies also use outdoor advertising as a direct response medium for the promotion of time-limited special offers. It is also used by many businesses to drive traffic back to their premises such as restaurants, cinemas, etc.

Outdoor advertising media in Malaysia includes large format billboards at prime locations, street furniture such as bus stops and railings, shopping mall displays, and electronic media (e.g. LED billboards). There are many forms of outdoor advertising including posters on walls; large format billboards; TV screens; lightboxes; building wraps; transit shelter panels; wayfinding guides, etc.

As Malaysia is a multicultural society with diverse cultures and religions, the style of outdoor advertising must be sensitive to these differences. This means that using generalized images, words, or characters which might not be acceptable in some communities is a very short-sighted approach.

Outdoor Advertising Cost & Rates In Malaysia

The cost of outdoor advertising varies widely depending on location and type of media used. For example, premium roadside billboards in a prime location would cost several thousand ringgit per week, while a bus shelter poster would cost around RM 100 per 8 weeks.

Media owners set their own rates for advertising space and therefore it is difficult to give accurate figures over the phone without knowing the exact requirements. If you are interested in purchasing outdoor advertising space, the best approach would be to ask for a media kit that will include rate cards. Popular Outdoor Advertising Media In Malaysia

Large Format Billboards:

These can be found in both urban and rural areas. Generally, a larger board costs more compared to a smaller one. Outdoor boards are also classified by how many seconds the message stays on display, from 5 – 10 seconds up to 30+ seconds. Standard outdoor billboards have a viewing time of 5 to 10 seconds.

Electronic Billboards:

These billboards are also called lightboxes, moving billboards, or LED signs. This is usually a large screen that is capable of displaying multiple images in succession to create the impression of movement. The advantage of electronic billboards is that they can change frequently and be very dynamic (and generally attract more attention) compared to static media such as posters and billboards. One of the most popular forms of electronic media is LED (light-emitting diode) billboards that typically cost more to rent than static advertising media such as posters and painted boards. See samples of digital billboard advertisements in Malaysia here

Bus Shelters:

Bus shelter panels are made from either metal or glass. The size of the panel depends on the location and the advertising agency’s requirements. The media owner would provide both front and back panels on a rental basis, usually at a cost of RM 100 per 8 weeks.


This is another type of media that provides information on directions and locations on footpaths, railings, and signposts near shopping malls, universities, and hospitals e.g. the signage for “Cheese Burger Factory” at Bangsar Village II. The cost of wayfinding media varies depending on location and content e.g. whether it includes images or text, font size, etc.

Outdoor Advertising Agencies In Malaysia

There are several outdoor advertising agencies in Malaysia offering a range of services including but not limited to buying outdoor space, designing outdoor billboards and bus shelter panels, creating digital media content, etc. Some of the well-known agencies are here:

All Outdoor Advertising Agencies In Malaysia

Zenith Media (www.zenithmedia.com.my) –

One of the biggest outdoor advertising companies in Malaysia with offices nationwide handling major accounts including McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Petronas, etc.

Creative Outdoor Advertising (www.creativeoutdoor.com) –

One of the larger outdoor advertising agencies in Malaysia provides a comprehensive range of outdoor media solutions including building wraps and bus shelter panels.

Pure Ad Outdoor Media Sdn Bhd (www.pureadoutdoormedia.com) –

A specialist outdoor advertising company handling both traditional forms of media as well as electronic billboards.

JK Outdoor Sdn Bhd (www.jkooutdoor.com)

Another leading Malaysia-wide outdoor advertising agency with a range of services including designing and building bus shelter panels, creating digital media content, etc.

AD Media (www.ad-media.com) –

A well-known outdoor advertising company that also specializes in providing design and digital media content for bus shelter panels, wayfinding media, etc.

Rex Media (www.rexmedia.net) –

Rex Media also handles the printing of outdoor media e.g. posters, painted boards, etc, and is one of Malaysia’s largest printers/publishers with an extensive nationwide network of publishing facilities across Malaysia.

303Events (www.303events.com.my) –

303Events are one of the best- and well-established advertising company in East Malaysia since 2012. We offer services such as printing production and event management all over East Malaysia. We mainly specialize in static billboards, LED billboards, and street bunting. We get your business to reach out to potential customers. A company that goes above and beyond your expectation to deliver you the best result.

Outdoor advertising costs In Malaysia

The cost of outdoor media typically depends on the advertising agency, the type of media, and location. For example, a poster at a busy location will cost more to rent than one in an area with less traffic, etc. Since it’s difficult to provide accurate quotations without first knowing the advertiser’s requirements (i.e. size of poster, location, media type, etc) it’s best to get an estimate from the advertising agency handling the account.

Types Of Outdoor Media In Malaysia

Outdoor media typically fall into two categories: traditional and electronic billboards/signs. Many advertisers are opting for electronic signs because of their ability to attract more attention compared to static outdoor media. A digital billboard only costs RM 1,800 to run for 1 day whereas a traditional poster will cost RM 600 to run for 6 days. Although prices vary depending on location, time of year, etc you can expect the following costs:

Traditional Outdoor Media

Poster – Poster advertising is the least expensive form of outdoor media often costing less than RM 5 per poster. However, poster advertising is usually placed in locations lacking traffic and hence the exposure to potential customers will be lower.

Painted Board

Painted boards are larger outdoor posters typically measuring 1m x 2.5m with prices ranging from RM 70 to RM 120 each depending on location e.g. highways will cost more than locations in residential areas.

Bus Shelter Panel

Bus shelter panels are great for reaching commuters catching the bus at a particular bus stop. The cost of renting a panel is around RM 1,500 to RM 2,000 depending on size and location e.g. prime locations cost more than areas with less traffic etc.

Digital Billboards/Signs

Digitalbillboards/signs are electronic billboards usually placed at strategic locations where traffic is high e.g. highways, shopping malls, etc. They can be rented by the month with prices ranging from RM 7,500 to RM 15,000 per month depending on size and location (prime locations cost more).

If you’re interested in advertising for a longer period of time e.g. 12 months the digital billboards/signs can usually be rented at a discounted rate of around RM 10,000 to RM 15,000 depending on location and size.

Possible Outdoor Advertising Costs In Malaysia

As an examplefor a mid-sized company advertising on a digital billboard at the KLCC shopping mall for aperiod of 12 months using a RM 10,000 discount:

-For 1 month: RM 10,000 (RM 7500 plus 5% GST)

-For 2 to 3 months: RM 9,000 per month (RM 6750 plus 5% GST)

-For 4 to 11 months: RM 8,250 per month (RM6000 plus 5% GST)

-For 12 months: RM 7,500 per month (RM 5000 plus 5% GST)

*Based on a 30″ x 50″ digital billboard.

If you’re interested in advertising outdoors there are many options available that will suit any budget and marketing objective. Just keep in mind the following factors when evaluating outdoor media:

1. Target Audience – The more specific the target group the better because you’ll be able to find advertisers seeking to target the same audience. For example, if your products are intended for women between 20-30 years of age, a different age group.

2. Time Of Year – Outdoor media will be more effective during certain periods of the year e.g. when it’s raining people want to go shopping, major sports events, etc can potentially generate an increase in outdoor media spending. In contrast, businesses tend to spend less on outdoor advertising during quiet times such as after Christmas, during major holidays, etc.

3. Location – Outdoor media will be more effective the more visible it is e.g. digital billboards on highways are typically more effective than those in residential areas because the number of cars passing by will increase significantly e.g. commuters vs pedestrians.

4. Budget – The final factor to consider when then advertising at the campus will be more cost-effective compared to advertising at another location where the primary demographic is not students.

There are many outdoor media options available, it’s just a matter of finding the right one to suit your marketing objectives effectively!

The following is an example for poster advertising costs in Malaysia – typically less expensive than other types ofoutdoor media:

1.Traditional Poster – RM 5 perposter (RM 600 for 6 daysrental and 1 day for installation)

2.Painted Board – RM 70 per board (RM 600 for 6 days rental and 1 day for installation)

3.Bus Shelter Panel – Rental Price: RM 1800 per month (for 12 months) Installation/removal cost:RM 10,000

4.Digital Signage– RentalPrice: RM 7500 per month (for 12 months) Installation/removal cost:RM 5,000

Possible Outdoor Advertising Costs In Malaysia source: http://blog.egadvertising.com/2012/11/possible-outdoor-advertising-costs-in-malaysia.html

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